Monkey Madness

Male Magazine August 1953

An Incredible Epic Of Terror At Sea

Also, What To Tell Your Wife About Sex. Presumably, “Yes, please!”


No Return From The Catrimanis

Male May 1957

Also, Island Of Captive Women


10 Sexual Facts You Never Knew!

Male Magazine October 1950

Also featuring A Boa Constrictor Strikes and How Will You Die?


For Men With Guts

Male Magazine July 1950

The second issue. Also featuring How To Deliver A Baby, Exposing Our Shameful Vice, I Fly Faster Than Sound, and Born To Kill!


Yank Adventurer Who Grabbed Hitler’s Incredible U-Boat Treasure

Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972 thumbnail
33256427-3989618390_5c29e78979_o[1] thumbnail
33256639-male_197204[1] thumbnail
Hilter's U-Boat Treasure, Male Magazine interior illustration, April 1972

1972’s Bloodiest Search For Sunken Riches

The prize was a million dollars in mercury. But he was surrounded by enemies — the sea, the sharks, hijackers, and then the most unexpected enemy of all…

By the 70’s, these men’s magazine covers had devolved to stereotypical (i.e. boring) girly-photos, but the interior illustrations were often still awesome.

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The Underwater Dolls Who Seduced Mussolini’s Frogman Fleet

Male October 1960


Commando Who Wrecked Hitler’s V-2 Arsenal In A Strange Attack Balloon

Male June 1963 Cover thumbnail
Male June 1963 thumbnail
Male June 1963 Cover
Male June 1963

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Six Drops Of Poison

Six Drops of Poison, Male magazine cover, November 1955 thumbnail
Male November 1955 thumbnail
Six Drops of Poison, Male magazine cover, November 1955
Male November 1955

Also, Lisbon’s Secret Sex Circuit

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My Death Run Through Headhunter Jungle

male-magazine-cover-january-1969 thumbnail
Male January 1969 thumbnail
Male January 1969

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The White Rajah Of Sarawak

38400051-The_White_Rajah_of_Sarawak,_Male_cover,_February,_1960 thumbnail
Male February 1960 thumbnail
38510821-Rajah_of_Sarawak,_Male_illustration,_February_1960 thumbnail
38510815-Rajah_of_Sarawak_1,_February_1960 thumbnail
38510816-Rajah_of_Sarawak_2_February_1960 thumbnail
Male February 1960

He Conquered A Dyak Army And Turned All Borneo Into His Private Kingdom

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Commander Johnnie Rodgers, America’s Great Sky Devil

Male Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Male January 1960 thumbnail
38744388-MALE196001 thumbnail
Male Magazine January 1960
Male January 1960

The Navy Sent Him To Honolulu In A Newfangled Crate That Never Should Have Left The Ground…

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China Bomb

Male December 1967

Also featuring I Was An Office “Passion Lottery” Girl and Mob Goddess 2000 Mafia Gunmen Couldn’t Kill


Bomb The Hell Out Of The Krauts, Us GI’s Are Gone

Male July 1965