2 thoughts on “The Killer-Dog Carnival Girls Who Suckered A Nazi Blitzkrieg”

  1. What a great by-line it has absolutely everything guaranteed to sell this mag…with the added bonus of highschool orgies, secret horror weapons and Mexico’s beast women blood cult. You can see why Men’s Magazines are my favourite on this blog. And its a shame such wonderful literature leading men all over the world into such bizarre and exciting adventures has now gone to the dogs. For what’s not to like!! Buy buy buy immediately!!! By the way a couple of these Carny girls look like gypsies who also had no love for the Nazis. (check out the red dress white blouse and black hair /ear-ring.) In fact it’s a wonder gypsy girls don’t feature more often in the Sweats Magazines. Space seems taken up with Tropical Island or Asian or other exotic beauties

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