The Seven Nude Nurses Who Taught The Japs The Meaning Of Fear!

True Men June 1969

Also, The Commie Legion Of Nympho Traitors!, A Fountain Of Blood For The Lady With A Dozen Lovers!, and Sex Pills: How Well Do They Work?


Love Techniques — How Women Rate Them

True Men August 1967


Crushed By Eight Giant Arms Of Hell

True Men Stories April 1959 thumbnail
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True Men Stories April 1959
TrueMen1959-04p17 (Close Up)

Also featuring Rugged Working Men Make Inadequate Lovers. This entire issue can be downloaded here

Assignment: Nazi Occupied Paris

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True Men, November 1965 thumbnail
True Men, November 1965

Orders To: O.S.S. Agent William Harmon: Rescue 14 French Prostitutes Whose Secrets Can Save The Normandy Invasion


The Big Blonde and The Black Beast Ripper

True Men stories magazine cover, September 1961 thumbnail
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True Men stories magazine cover, September 1961

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The Berlin Bordello Where Hitler’s Gestapo Boys Got Their Special Kicks!


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Depraved, Last-Day-Of-The-War Orgy Mission Of U-Boat #213 To Rocket Bomb New Orleans!

True Men - June 1964


The Bold Blonde: Key To Freedom — Or Hell


Also featuring The Shame Of Rumpus Room Love: Packaged Sin Comes To The Home, Escape From The Red Congo and Mme. Pompanette: The Only Duchess Who Ran A Brothel


Tomb Of The Friendly Enemies

True Men September 1962 thumbnail
TRUE MEN STORIES September 1963 thumbnail
True Men September 1962
TRUE MEN STORIES September 1963

Buried Alive — WWII’s Strangest Allies: 1 Yank Paratrooper, 2 Italian Street-Girls, 1 Nazi Lieutenant…

Also, The Great Sin-On-Wheels Pullman Train That Drove Our Railroads Wild! and On-The-Job Orgies! The Hushed-Up Scandal Of Our Defense Plant “Love Lotteries!”

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Sgt. Barnett’s Lone-Wolf Escape From The Nazi Horror Cages Of St. Die

True Men August 1963

Also featuring Male-Order Callboys For Kicks-Hungry Wives, and Khrushcev’s New Bedroom Commandos — 10 Below-the-Belt Punches Reds Use To Trick Americans Into Treason


The Women Guards Of Stalag 199

True Men October 1958 thumbnail
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True Men Magazine October 1958 thumbnail
True Men October 1958
True Men Magazine October 1958

Also featuring The Texas Harem Of Sam Black, The Sudden Death Of The USS Indianapolis, and The Secret Of Madam Gordon’s Bawdy House

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A Kodiak Bear Ripped My Flesh

True Men Stories magazine cover, June 1957 thumbnail
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True Men Stories magazine cover, June 1957

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The Nympho Torture Girls Of Jap “Camp Brutal”

True Men (July, 1962).

Also featuring “Respectable” Wives Who Are Secret, Sex-For-Pay Tramps and Two Hot, New Headaches For Summer Sportsmen: Campfire Call-Girls & Small Boat “Bunkmates” — The Great, Indoor Sin-Doll Race To Vacation Spots For Outdoor Men