The Man From Avon

The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967 thumbnail
Avon #G1307, 1962 thumbnail
Avon #G1307, 1962 Back thumbnail
The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967
Avon #G1307, 1962
Avon #G1307, 1962 Back

He’s A Paperback Salesman On The Road Of Scorching Adventure. He’s Larry McKnight And Even UFO’s Can’t Stop Him!

Brought to you by Avon Publishing.

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2 thoughts on “The Man From Avon”

  1. I followed the “via” links and found that this painting sold five years ago for a mere 500 and change. Wish I’d known… it’s the only one of Dad’s book covers that features out mutual nickname, quite by accident…

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