Georgia Hotel

Georgia Hotel The Affairs of a Traveling Salesman, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid books #68, 1952 thumbnail
Georgia Hotel The Affairs of a Traveling Salesman, paperback cover, 1952
Pyramid books #68, 1952

The affairs of a traveling salesman 

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The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742 thumbnail
Brandon House 742 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #742
Brandon House 742 1965

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.

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Georgia Hotel (1957)


It took a traveling salesman to awaken her

A very nice 1952 cover can be seen here


Sin Salesman

Midnight Reader #444 1964 thumbnail
Midnight Reader MR 444 1966 thumbnail
Midnight Reader #444 1964
Midnight Reader MR 444 1966

He Was Lust Keeper In A House Of Wantons!

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The Man From Avon

The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967 thumbnail
Avon #G1307, 1962 thumbnail
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The Man From Avon, paperback cover, 1967
Avon #G1307, 1962

He’s A Paperback Salesman On The Road Of Scorching Adventure. He’s Larry McKnight And Even UFO’s Can’t Stop Him!

Brought to you by Avon Publishing.

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The Zebra Derby


The mighty onslaught of postwar women on a vigorous veteran


The Junk Pusher

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Pyramid 126 1954 thumbnail
Pyramid 126 1954

He brought a new vice to a sin-ridden town

From the back:

His victims were drug-addicted teenager and desperate women
Rick Hunt was a salesman. His product was depravity. His territory extended from Stark Town’s crime-infested Mexican quarter to the sordid splendor of the Mayor’s mansion. His customers were the young and the broken—life’s grotesque failures, sustained by drugs and sensual fantasies.
His women were a teen-aged addict called Isabella and the love-starved wife of his oldest friend.

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Georgia Boy (1961)


Racy and riotous

A 1947 cover can be seen here