3 thoughts on “The Radio Man”

  1. I’ve got to go with the retitle on this one. Sure, radio was new and cool at the time, but going to another planet would still have been cooler and more likely to get me to read the story!

  2. Have to say that our “hero” is not very impressive: wacky helmet, terrified look on his face, wearing a dress… Admittedly, I’m not sure I’d have been much better when confronted by a couple of giant ants.

  3. Oddly enough D. Wilt, this was the “Man of the hour” in most of this era’s stories. They were not the big strong adventurers you saw in the late 30s through the 1960s. Just look at the men in the original Dracula. The woman all had more backbones than they did.

    BTW – If you are interested in this tale it is available for $1.99 on Amazon for the Kindel.

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