The Star Dice

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Startling Stories  November 1952

Also featuring The Crook In Time

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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5 thoughts on “The Star Dice”

    1. It’s a CBZ file, which is just a renamed ZIP file. If you change the extension back to ZIP you can extract all of the page scans, or you can get a CBZ reader.

      1. (note: I’m using a Linux platform, so some of my app references may need to interpreted.)

        “Document Viewer” handles CBR and other CBZ files without complaint, but gives me an unsupported format message with this one. With (or without) extension changed to .zip “Achieve Manager” gives a loading error message.

          1. That worked – THNX
            The file is nearly 5 timesthe size of the link download, so yu shou;d probably check it when you have a chance.

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