Nudism: Invitation To Vice

Men In Conflict Magazine December 1961

Also featuring Snakes On Her Body, My Wife Was For Sale!, and The Dead Are Always Beautiful


Love-Starved Women Sailors Of The South Pacific

Man's Action Magazine January 1970

Cover swiped from Man’s Daring, January 1962


Country Club Cheat

Walter Popp Country Club Cheat, 1957 thumbnail
51209901277-uni-books-68-janet-pritchard-country-club-cheat thumbnail
Walter Popp Country Club Cheat, 1957

Every husband in the club admired her charms
A Frank Novel That Probes Behind The Suburbs’ Fashionable Façade And Expresses The Waywardness Of The Country Club Set!

This cover was later reused for Trailer Tramp

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Sgt. Dugan’s Incredible Escape From Secret Nazi “Sex Stalag” 12

TRUE MEN STORIES, January 1962


A Stranger In Town

Manhunt October 1955

A Stranger in Town is the Brett Halliday story. Erskine Caldwell contributed In Memory of Judith Courtright.


The Lust Plot Of The Air Borne Harlots Of Naples

Man's Book May 1964

Also featuring The Shocking Report On The Homosexual’s New World Capital, Shackled Nudes For The Emperor’s Fire Monster, The Sex Operation That All Men Fear, and I Belong To A Suburban Sin Club


The Wild Assault Of The Maquis’ Joy Girl Squad

Man's Book September 1963


The Girl Who Loved Death

Amazing Stories September 1952 thumbnail
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952 thumbnail
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009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009 thumbnail
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044 thumbnail
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057 thumbnail
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085 thumbnail
Amazing Stories September 1952
Amazing Stories Magazine September 1952
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Marriage Rite / Wild Oats

Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958 thumbnail
Intimate Novels #43 1953 thumbnail
Beacon Book #B169, 1958 thumbnail
Wild Oats, paperback cover, 1958
Intimate Novels #43 1953
Beacon Book #B169, 1958

First used by Intimate Novel in 1953:

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery! But if a husband sins, should his wife follow suit?
A Novel Of Sham Passions — And Triumphant Love!

Then by Beacon in 1958

They Started Early — Very Early!
A Novel Of Reckless Youth Which Will Shock Every Parent!

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Kiss Of The Damned

Kiss of the Damned paperback cover, 1953 thumbnail
14496788659_076327d083_k thumbnail
Kiss of the Damned paperback cover, 1953

He Wanted Her Life — And She Gave Him Her Love

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All Flesh Is Brass

Fantastic Adventures - August 1952 thumbnail
006[1]-002 thumbnail
031[1]-002 thumbnail
Fantastic Adventures - August 1952

Also includes The Man Who Lived Twice, The Yellow Wind, Mars Invites You, and Tomorrow’s Shadow. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Shadow on the Moon

Amazing Stories October 1952 thumbnail
24021240120_e320c8fbe4_o thumbnail
Amazing-Stories-1952-10 thumbnail
Amazing Stories October 1952

 Was it a man’s love or a woman’s lust that cast this Shadow on the Moon?

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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