The Very Private Secretary

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Sally loved her job — and her tough, crusading boss. She was determined to protect him. She just didn’t know how vicious his enemies were!

From the back:

Sally went to work for Brian Barton, the dedicated consumer advocate, with stars in her eyes. To her, he was the finest man in the world, even if he was too wound up in his work to give her all the love she wanted. She learned, too late, that Brian had powerful, implacable enemies who would do anything they could to ruin him… And that they would use her as their totally helpless weapon!

Cover swiped from Divorce Bait


3 thoughts on “The Very Private Secretary”

  1. Judging by the cover and the way she is readying herself to “protect” him, I would think his enemies could only be milquetoast libido and/or erectile dysfunction… Man, he is even having his cigarette at the wrong time… This I find really annoying! Put away that cigarette now, you nincompoop! That is for later, you hear me? Away wivvit!

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