The Violent Lady

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Monarch Books 395, 1963

She Was A Double-Dealing Dame With A Passion FOr Money And Men

From the back:

You’re Clint Sheldon, a man with a mission—to raise the $6,000 to save your 49-foot yawl, Restless.
So you charter the ship out to Malvino Gia and his hot-eyed wife,, Lois. But once under sail you find out they aren’t after pleasure; they’re after treasure — $250,000 worth of jewels lying at the bottom of the sea—and they need you to get it.
But you nix the deal. Only Gia pulls a gun and you’re forced to go along. Then Lois comes to you with a proposition. All you have to do is help her double-cross Gia and you can walk off with the loot—and her.
Suddenly you find yourself in a tight squeeze between Gia’s gun, Lois’ charms and Hurricane Donna’s fury. Now you stand to lose the dame, the dough and the debt you owe unless you can find a way to get out before all hell breaks loose.

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