The Way We Love

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Monarch 1st 1964 #445
Monarch Books 170 1960

An Unconventional Novel Of Manners And Morals In A Modern Hospital

From the back:

Doctor’s Dilemma
This is a realistic story of human passion and weak-ness behind the ultramodern facade of a big city hospital — the saga of Kurt Severton, a brilliant surgeon who feels duty-bound to prevent a whitewash of a bungled operation by his chief, Dr. Tolliver. There’s Donna, Tolliver’s wife — hot, vibrant and eager to love— who thrusts herself wantonly into Severton’s life. And Marti, his mistress, who gives him everything a woman can give: love, loyalty and passion.
But above all, there is Severton’s guilty conscience. Has he the right to expose a colleague’s professional mistake when his own personal life is not above reproach?

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