The Wife Game


In This Community, Sex Was A Deal Between Friends…

From the back:

“My husband told me you’re important,” Ann said. “So it’s okay for tonight – and he gets your wife.”
Ann watched the husbands choose partners and drift off to separate bedrooms. Her body shivered with desire.
“It was my idea,” she whispered huskily to Dave. “I convinced Joe that wives are cheaper than call girls.”

Here is the strange tale of how one sex-driven wife came to upset a whole community by helping its leading citizens break the commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. 
If you were a prude, Ann ‘s parties were no place for you. And Dave, when he first came to town, was a prude, thinking, “What have any of these other wives got that my own beautiful wife doesn’t have?” 
But he soon found out that a passionate partner can deliver a lot more voltage than just a beautiful one. Besides, it was good business to have pleasure with these girls, they influenced their important husbands so much!


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