Vacation In Leather

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Lloyd Books 9525 1967
9525 Don Cherry 1967

Now revealed! All the wild, untrammeled excesses of leather-love, dominance, fetishism, orgies, etc. in sin-resorts wound the world!

From the back:

When men and women leave the hum-drum of their routine lives for the annual vacation, sex takes on new, urgent, and forbidden patterns! Now, the owner of a string of resort hotels, motels, and spas reveals what the ‘nice’ people from home really do to appease strange urges that no one thought they had! Here are sex-crammed acts of leather-lovers… the aggressive lesbians… the sexual switchhitters called bisexuals… the men who want bondage and whipping….the chicks who give out and then blackmail you….the homosexual gangbangs….the over-sexed single women…the prowling men….sex-experimenting teenagers….and the fellows and girls who work on the staff — they like sex too!

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