Rampaging Outlaw Angels And Their Love-Blast “Mamas”

New Man Magazine May 1967

Also, Sin Money Nymph, I Conquered The Headhunters of ‘Blood Hostage Island’, Those High-Handed, Dollar-Gouging Plumbers, and Pinpoint-Bomb The Cong or You’ll Massacre 500 GIs


How I Smashed The Switch-Blade Lust Gang!

PERIL January 1963

Also featuring Farewell Orgy Of The Blood-Mad Foreign Legion, Roman Scandal Of The Nympho Co-Eds, and 17 Nude Models And The Sex-Crazed Camera Bugs!


Torrid Teens

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An Explosive, Revealing Novel Of The Sidewalk Gangs
She Came From A Nice Home… Yet At Seventeen She Succumbed To Vileness And Twisted Desire! Why?

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Teens Without Shame — Today’s Wild Rampage Of Weirdo Love Kicks

Man's Book April 1969


The High Side


Satan’s Outlaws — hellbent for kicks, they played tag with death and took all their curves on the — High Side


Burial Of The Fruit (1951)


A Realistic Novel Of Teen-Age Gangsters In The Slums Of Brooklyn — Their Brutal Loves And Deadly Hates!


Street Queens Are Taking Over Teenage Gangs!

Wildcat Adventures February 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962 thumbnail
Wildcat Adventures February 1962
Wildcat Adventures Magazine January 1962

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The Nude Bikini Debs Of The Death-Head Gang

True Danger Magazine December 1962 thumbnail
Man's True Danger December 1962 thumbnail
True Danger Magazine December 1962
Man's True Danger December 1962

Also featuring Nine Love Traps To Be Aware Of, Nympho Wives, We Raided The Bordello Of Bored Women And Their Illicit Lovers and Seaman Wilbur Longbaugh’s Seven Year Love Battle

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Gang Girl (1961)

Gang Girl, paperback cover, 1957 thumbnail
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Gang Girl, paperback cover, 1957

The Clubhouse Was Her Bridal Suite
The Novel Of A Child… With The Desires Of A Woman

Not related to either this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or the Gang Girls, or the All Girl Gang or the All-Girl Ching Dao Jewel Gang or or Gang Girl — Lust-Cats of the Gutters or the Gang Moll

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