Was Ishi The Abominable Snowman?

Sir! May 1962 thumbnail
Sir! Magazine May 1962 thumbnail
May 1962 thumbnail
Sir! May 1962
Sir! Magazine May 1962
May 1962


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6 thoughts on “Was Ishi The Abominable Snowman?”

  1. Hey – do you know what year this issue is? Also, I’m trying to find a 1946 SIR! issue – I don’t know which month, but apparently one of the issues that year has an article about sasquatch/yeti and may be authored by J.W. Burns. Sorry I don’t know any more than that – but if you happen to have some 1946 issues, and you have some time on your hands, I’d really appreciate you having a look. With kind regards – TODD

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it. I have the following issues which feature Yeti/Abominable Snowmen material: Sept 1953, Nov 1955, and June 1956. Aside from the May 1962 issue (as you’ve made me aware of), if you’re aware of any other issues covering the Yeti/Abominable Snowmen subject, by all means, I welcome you to let me know. I’m a bit of a collector of that type of material. Kind regards and thanks again – TODD

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