How Detroit Sells Cars With Sex

Sir Magazine April 1963, Yearbook

Also, Case History of a Sexually Immature Male, When Somerset Maugham’s Nephew Bought A Slave, and Commie Cruelty In Greece: A Tale Of Guts And Bravery


Lawrence Of Arabia: Desert Fighter and Woman Hater

Sir! July 1962


The Gay Girls Who Tripped Hitler’s Ace Spy Master

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Sir August 1961
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 036-37

Also, Virgin Auction In Old Colorado, I Saw Paris “When”, and The Amazing Loot Of Lima Hoax

This entire issue can be downloaded here

Mattern’s 50 Days As An Amazon Love Slave

Sir! November 1959

Also, Bikini’s Are Back!


There’s A Secret Printing Press In Brothel #9

Sir! July 1961


Dell Donahue’s 3 Weeks Of Harem Torture

Sir! August 1962

Also featuring Season of Assassins, The Errol Flynn Rape Case, and The Hussy Who Became France’s Executioner


My Wife Was Captured By Apes

Sir December 1957

Also, New Scientific Test For Maleness


“Wet Plate” Wallace and the Belles of Tapirape

Sir January 1960


Sex In The Caribbean = Voodoo!

Sir February 1954

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American Torera: Go Home!

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Sir August 1960 thumbnail
Sir! Magazine (August, 1960)
Sir August 1960

Latin aficionados say gals should have babies, not fight bulls. They make it as tough as possible for U.S. matadoras

Also featuring I Shaved The Head Of A Korean Nightcrawler Girl, The House Dick Who Stole A Hotel, and The Untold Secrets Of Greenwich Village

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