Web Of Women

Beacon B656F, 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B656F 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B656F, 1963
Beacon B656F 1963

How Far Could He Go — With How Many Girls? The seldom-revealed sexual side of the employment agency business
Wheat Crane mixed business and pleasure in a dazzling sensual whirlpool — searching for the one woman who could satisfy his deepest needs!

From the back:

It’s like having a private harem — that makes money for you! 
Hard to beat, man! Gorgeous gals on the staff. You take what you want — and enjoy extra favors from the parade of beauties passing through your personnel agency. Choose brunette CLAIRE. She loves afternoon business meetings. Frisk away the evening with honey-blond HARRIET who is vibrantly versatile. Voyage abroad with exotic AVIS who wants to advance herself in all departments. In reserve you have BETTINA, AUDREY, LOUISE — but if you don’t keep the web from tangling…. Look Out! Females are more than meet the eye. You get involved so easily — can you ever get out?


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