Woman of Kali

1954 Gold Medal 438

In her temple of exotic love the fate of an empire was decided

From the back:

Barbaric India, land of languor, intrigue, strange appetites, exotic women, cruel and scheming men!
It was in this India that the woman of Kali spun her silken web.
She was Sharita, high priestess of the cult of death, mistress of forbidden rites, who used her strange powers in a plot to seize the throne of this great Eastern empire and destroy the foreign invaders.
Then she met the tall, blond Pritchard, captain of the Madras Light Horse, whose great strength and fame as a soldier had traveled the length and breadth of India.
In her pagan temple, with every wile of the Orient, Sharita sought to break this Englishman to her will and make him traitor to his king.

via my own collection. This entire book can be read here

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