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Everybody loves everybody every which way in this savagely funny, orgiastic novel of swamis, swindlers, swingers, and the great Group Encounter Therapy


Hell’s Harlot

Midnight Reader MR-411 1962

She Was All Woman — All Tramp

From the back:

Lust Girl…
was the only name for Gail Reese. At the age of four, almost before she knew the difference between man and woman, she saw her own Aunt in the arms of a strange man, cavorting in sinful pleasure before her young and innocent eyes. And it made its mark on her. Enough of a mark so that at the age of sixteen, a beautiful virgin on the threshold of love, she knew the full horror of being violated brutally by a swine of a man who used her terribly, leaving her spent and bruised, and hating men so much she swore vengeance on all men - to goad them and torment them and drive them to insane heights of desire in search of her arms and lips. She was cold and ruthless, a tease, a woman without morals or ideals. All she knew was that she had what men wanted, and she would give it to them for a high and lustful price. She was a child of the damned
…Hell’s Harlot!


The Bra Peddlers

Nightstand Book NB-1568, 1961

Hucksters, Easy Girls, And Heavy Money — The Formula For An Industry Of Lust

From the back:

Passion Dynamite…
wrapped up in a new, fashion-shattering bra called the Up-Cup. It was new and it was different and it would make a hundred million dollars for Ted Griffin’s ad firm if he played his cards right. But playing the Mad Ave game meant knifing his friends in the back, stealing their wives, playing the hot game of lust that the men who ruled the ad roost dictated. Playing the game also meant selling his own wife info the hot and shameful world of suburban sin. It also meant the shocking torment of an innocent girl’s tortured soul… the torment of passion as a prelude to death. It meant — many things, all of them evil, all of them part of his pay-check in —
… The Lust Trade!


The Ideal

Wonder Stories, September 1935 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories, September 1935
Wonder Stories v07 04 Sep 1935

Through the metal throat of its victim crash steel teeth; the blood of its prey — the gasoline, that is — is drained into its stomach, its gas tank

This Frank R. Paul cover painting (along with the interior illustrations which he also created) marks 12,000 posts here at Pulp Covers. Thanks for sticking around!

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“Legitimate integration of sex and violence!”