I Took My Sister’s Husband

Confessions Illustrated #1 (EC, 1956) thumbnail
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Confessions Illustrated #1 (EC, 1956)
Confessions Illustrated - EC - Mister Gutsy post (1b)

Introducing Picto-Fiction: A new form of Adult Entertainment

It’s the porn you already know and love, but with pictures! Also featuring I Joined A Teen-Age Gang and I Can Never Marry

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Rangoon Paid Off For Joe Gall — The Hard Way




1878 — A novel of the Bannock Indian Wars


Himalayan Assignment


Colonel North meets adventure, violence and love in an exotic land


The Fabulous Sex Weed


The outlandish, Rabelaisian saga of the hunt for a fantastically potent tropical sex drug… and what happened to our men… and women… when it was smuggled into America!

From the back:

Aphrodisiacs, Inc.!
Angus’ job was to track down the legendary Jungle Weed that turned men into Satyrs — and to bring it back to America. But he didn’t bargain for the love-crazed Caribbean Women who wanted to keep it — and him — all For Themselves!


The Lost Tribes Of Venus

Planet Stories, May 1954

Out of the dark waters of anonymity stormed — The Lost Tribes Of Venus


And Sex Walks In

Beacon B679F 1963

Vic Castle learned the hard way what happens when love walks out… And Sex Walks In
They loved at their own risk when they loved Vic Castle — and a surprising number did love him, including the wife of his best friend