The Queer Sisters

1952 Uni-Book #43 thumbnail
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1952 Uni-Book #43
Uni-Book 1952

Twisted Love and Hateful Passion in a Suspenseful Setting!

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Cuban Heel

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1953 Uni-Book #64

Harragan’s in Havana with another hair-raising honey

A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue — Cuban cuties and Cuban Sin.

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Side-Show Girl

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1952 Uni-Book #42

Men Loved Her At Their Peril!

A lusty novel of carnival folk — packed with raw love and lurid adventure

Eye Patch Man returns!

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Dope Doll / The Bigamy Kiss

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Giant Editions #4, 1953 thumbnail
Giant Editions #4, 1953

Sex And Suspense In A Savage Setting!

Famous on two continents for his masterful novels of breezy slaughter and easy passion!

Too Many Dames Can Ruin A Guy!

Both of these stories apparently star the eye-patched man from The Queer Sisters

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