Girl Of The Midway


A story of the strange people, bitter rivalries, love and hate that flame behind a carnival’s bright lights


Pardon My Poison

Dime Detective, April 1948

Also, The Salesman and the Devil’s Daughter


Savage Breed

Playtime Books 692-S 1964

Behind The Tinsel And Sawdust Charm, The Carnival Was A Cesspool Of Sex And Savage Desire


Carnival Girl (1956)

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She Was All He Wanted

From the back:

Joe Harper had the circus in his blood. And he was content to be the advance man for Bartow Shows until sultry, conniving Norma Donald made him her protege, Her. husband, Tim, managed the circus, but Norma had other ideas. And Joe was going to help her.

In love with aerialist Yselle Obello, he learned too late that Norma was a tramp with passion and power on her mind. She held all the winning cards. And she was prepared to use them to get every evil thing she wanted.

Apparently unrelated to this book.


Strip the Heart (Original Title: Freakshow)

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Popular Library 668 1955

She Was A Carnival Midway Girl

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The Guy From Coney Island

Avon 580 Paperback Original (1954).

An Intimate Novel Of The Carnival World

From the back cover:

Behind the glittering carousels, the screaming laughter of the fun house, the plaster kewpie dolls, the dancing girls in scanty costumes, is the throbbing, colorful world of the people who make the carnival.
This is their story, a story of twisted emotion, false pride, love and hate. It moves at a furious pace, from the boardwalk side-shows of Coney Island to the cow-pasture circuit, revealing the real, behind-the-scenes picture of the carnival world and its people.


Sex Circus (1961)

Nightstand Books NB1556 - Sex Circus (1961)

Sinful World Of The Big Top!

Apparently unrelated to this book about a Jungle Lesbos


Carnival Mistress

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Brandon House 921 1965
1965 Brandon House 921

The Story of an Easy-Loving Cootch Dancer

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The Kill-Crazed Lover On The Big Top High Wire

Man's Exploits December 1963

Also, We Fought Those Monster Crocodile!, I Escaped Haiti’s Black Magic Blood Bath, The Queen Of Macao’s Bizarre Brothels, and Sex-Hungry Women Have Made Me Rich!