The Hucksters


A photocover by illustrator David Attie

via Eli Attie


David Attie Marsha

via Eli Attie


David Attie Trish

via Eli Attie

A Purple Horse


He liked women and money, and used women sexually — those ranging from his wife’s sexy maid to his old-maid secretary — purely for animal satisfaction and wealth.


Shame Bride

Saber Books 1970

He demanded that she do upon him sexual acts unbecoming to what she thought was moral.

Such subtle mouth wiping…


Swingers In Training

Saber SA-193, 1970

The Suttons were sex missionaries, going about from one state and city to another, teaching married couples how to exchange partners and live depraved lives.


The Country School — A Teacher’s Delight

Saber SA-184, 1968

The young boys thrilled her sexually much more than the mature men did. To be a teacher in a country school was far more delightful than she could’ve ever imagined


Patterns Of Lust

patterns of lust

“I’m ready. I’m hot. And I want you,” was all Betty’d had to say. And then Mike took over…


Sinner’s Paradise (1968)

#SA-124 1968

Desire mounted as Jubal looked at his stepmother — and now he was going to have her!


Sweet Young Thing

SA-114 1968

“Ahhhhh — how sweet it is!” was about all Rick could manage to say in a situation like this.