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Love Hostess


A shocking book! Asks if some of the “Touring Services” are not simply fronts for other kinds of services.


To Swap A Wanton

Nightstand Books NB1822

Unbridled Passions Drove Them To Depravity!

Excuse me, this wanton is a bit off. I would like to exchange her for a new one.


Frisco Flat

Monarch #153 - 1960 thumbnail
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back thumbnail
Monarch #153 - 1960
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back

Any Man Could Take Her But No Man Could Possess Her

From the back:

• To voluptuous TOSCA, Frankie Cargo was a man to make her forget her sordid past and provide her with a love-filled future.
• To wanton ARLENE, he was an instrument of pleasure, to be used at her convenience.
• To SAM BARLOW, he was a danger someone to be run out of town.
• To SHERIFF SPRINGER, he was a handy victim marked for early oblivion.
• To the townspeople, he was the hero who would take Springer and Barlow off their necks.
• Only time could tell who was right and who was wrong — and time was running out for FRANKIE CARGO…


Take Me Home

Monarch #120 - 1959 thumbnail
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back thumbnail
Monarch #120 - 1959
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back

Their Love Was Forbidden

From the back:

This is an unconventional story of beautiful Ivy Galvin and her strange emotional involvement with two men — and a woman.
Lila Douglas — tall, statuesque and amoral — who could love a man or a woman according to her whims, but refused to give up Ivy…
Henry Harper — A writer, but otherwise normal — who was repelled by Ivy’s abnormal relationship with Lila, but decided he wanted Ivy at any price…
Chick Neal — who tried to take by force what Ivy yielded willingly to Lila and Henry.


The Whispering Master (1949)


Fast Work by Johnny Fletcher on a Hotel Murder

A 1956 edition is here


Ring My Chimes


A Story of the Convent Belles!
There was no tune they couldn’t sing… no sexual game too bizarre they wouldn’t play… no partner they wouldn’t seduce.


Flaming Lead


A range kid faces killer guns!


The Grey Ghost

The Grey Ghost. The Boy's Friend Library, No. 339

Gripping New Yarn Of North Sea Smugglers!


Lonesome Widow

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Young Paula Bond was single again — her arms were empty… her bed was cold. She didn’t like it that way — and there wasn’t a male in the whole apartment project who didn’t know it!

Unforgettable! A Young Widow’s Quest For Love In One Of Today’s Huge Housing Developments… Where The Decent And The Deviate Meet In Every Hallway!

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The Window


What Made Him Return Night After Night?
The Story Of A Peeping Tom… Told In Bold Detail… And Shedding New Light On The Strange Compulsion That Drives Men To Look Into Windows!


The Nymph Island Affair


What is the difference between group therapy and an orgy? Simple! Ask Dr. Valentine Flynn, an expert in nymphology


Dardanelles Derelict


Major North combats Russian espionage in the arms of a beautiful woman


The Sixpenny Dame


A dame on the spot, a die-hard guy — and Murder!