Lesbian In Retreat

1965 SA-93

Diane had gone there to lead Kathy on, to be possessed by a woman known to her as a Lesbian…


Love Is A Gentle Whip

1960 Newsstand Library U155 thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-155 Paperback Original (April, 1961). First Printing. Cover by Bonfils thumbnail
1960 Newsstand Library U155
Newsstand Library U-155 Paperback Original (April, 1961). First Printing. Cover by Bonfils

Lust, Murder And Mystery In A Latin Beat

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This Can’t Be Love

1966 Private Edition PE 380

Was She A Depraved Animal — Or A Confused Woman Yearning For Experience?
The Exciting, Suspenseful Story Of A Woman Trapped By Her Own Untamed Emotions!


A Woman (Original Title: All Woman)

1961 Midwood No. 71

Part Devil, Part Angel: Loving, Lovable And…

And what? This book was originally going to be titled All Woman, but Midwood realized there was already a book with that title, so in an effort to avoid a lawsuit they simply added silver ink to hide the LL and retitled it.


Gay Interlude

1961 Midwood No. F-95 thumbnail
37926779-LPF-Gay_Interlude-Front thumbnail
1961 Midwood No. F-95

The Nether World Of Women Without Men

The frank and revealing story of a girl with a woman’s body and a man’s desires… a girl forced beyond the pale of public acceptance.

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Executive Lesbian / The Elevator Girl

1965 Brandon House #733 thumbnail
CASINO BOOKS 120 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #733

She burned for the forbidden touches of other women’s bodies, for their tender caresses, for the soaring delights of the gay world — and as madam of the top call-girl ring, she took her pick of the very choicest dolls!

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Two Way Beach Girl

Brandon House 949, 1965

A passion-mad woman lusting for sex conquests weaves a web of sensuous seduction


The Pleasure Studio

1966  Brandon House #972

She Came Out Of Nowhere To Pose In The Nude — Then Turned His Studio Into A Passion Pit


The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.


The Passion Hunters

1966 Brandon House 961 thumbnail
33250774-The Passion Hunters - illus Fred Fixler thumbnail
bh-961-the-passion-hunters-by-pamela-kaye-eb thumbnail
1966 Brandon House 961
33250774-The Passion Hunters - illus Fred Fixler

Marriage Was Only A Loose Word For The Sex-Mad Couples Who Yearned For Wilder Thrills!

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The Bedroom Broker

1965 Brandon House #928

His white shirt and tanned torso gave him a sales technique that made women beg for his services!