The Big Midget Murders

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Pocket Books #528, 1948

Jake and Helene Justus and the famous criminal lawyer John J. Malone solve a weird night club murder.

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Joy Street (1953)


Savage Love In The Back Rooms Of Boston

The suspiciously similar 1956 edition is here


Vanity Row


A Tough Captain Of Homicide — And A Beautiful Woman


White Barrier


The Potent Disclosure Of An Inter-Racial Affair


I Want Out


Bail for a Two-Timer


That Motel Weekend

Signal Books B782K 1964

Not Even A Blizzard Could Cool Off… That Motel Weekend

From the back:

Tack’s personal radar raised an ‘echo from the’ girl who had just entered the mote!. Need emanated from her in waves he could actually feel. She was a honeymooner, though. Tack would have to wait a while. So with his old hunger aroused, Tack examined that other woman again. Lydia, the lovely wife of Dan, his best friend. Since the first time he had seen her, Tack had known he would never be satisfied until he had had her…
Tack McFadden was always aroused, always on the prowl. And as he prowled during THAT MOTEL WEEKEND, he was to unleash a wild tide of desire and passion among the other guests, including:
Staley and Alva — An executive and his employee’s wife, “Mr. and Mrs.” on the motel register.
Rona and Jan — Two girls more interested in each other than in any man.
Karl and Frank — They had violent ideas about women, and were ready to fight each other for their next victim.
Relentless Tale Of Thirteen Men And Women Who Could Hide Their Stored-Up Passions From The Rest Of The World — But Not From Each Other!