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The Sword Of Captain Duardo

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The Earthbreakers


A novel of rugged men and lusty women who tamed a wilderness

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Six-Gun Melody


Ambush Guns Blaze And Rustlers Ride In This Exciting Novel Of A Cowboy On The Vengeance Trail


A Time to Kill


He couldn’t stop to take his enemies alive


The Dangerous One

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Her eyes said love, but her heart said murder — murder done to the music of Spanish gold

From the back:

It was Boke Carey’s kill of a lifetime, his pot at rainbow’s end — a million dollars in gold ingots buried in volcanic ash on a barren Central American island. Gold was Carey’s business.
Now he had it in sight — only the others on this palatial white yacht stood between the gold and Carey, in a kind of dark barrier of violence. 
There was Jodi, the platinum-haired Venus, a beautiful, chattering monkey of a girl who kept her eyes glued to the main chance. 
Anson, the oxllike consort of thieves, who gambled only on sure things-like beating a man to death. 
Lopez-O’Brien, the sadistic steward, who appeared out of nowhere — his only worldly possession an arsenal of knives.  And there was Sheila, the Spanish beauty as ruthless as he, the only one of them Carey feared — and loved.

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Easy Death


‘Tis the season…

It takes guts and good luck to pull off an armored car robbery, and Walter and Eddie have both. But getting the money and getting away with it are two different things, especially with a blizzard coming down, the cops in hot pursuit, and a double-crossing gambler and a sadistic park ranger threatening to turn this white Christmas blood red…

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Ace #S-82, 1954

His guns were NOT for hire!


The Fastest Gun

For Men Only (Sept., 1957).

Also featuring We Lived In The Land Of Free Love, The Dancing Nude (She Was Blonde, Brassy And Bait), and The Impossible Life Of Capt. Johnson


Terror at Chasm Pass

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Staked Out In The Desert, True Adventures Cover, March 1957
True Adventures (March, 1957). Cover Art by Martin Kay

Also includes What Are Your Homosexual Tendencies?, A Woman’s Secret Shame: I’ll Never Remember Tomorrow! and Die, Little Lovely!

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