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The High Window

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Philip Marlowe, tracing a missing torch singer, uncovers blackmail, counterfeiting, adultery and Murder!

Philip Marlowe in a high-tension tale of intrigue and murder

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Portrait Of A Mobster


The sensational novel of Dutch Schultz… gangster, killer, bootlegger, king of the rackets


The Deviates (Original Title: The Secret People)

The Deviates, Beacon #242, 1959

One man alone had any woman — every woman — in his power!


High Pressure (Original Title: Full Fathom Five)

1949 Bantam 716

These Men Were Brothers… But They Loved The Same Woman

From the back:

These Brothers Lived Like Beasts — And Loved Like Men!

Paul was a hopheod! That was it, nothing else. You don’t go around teaching people not to take dope – you’ve got to beat it out of them. And so I beat him. I beat him and I beat him until my hand was blood red. I beat him for taking the dope, for having Evee when I wanted her. I beat him for Jonesy who died in the ocean. I beat him until his eyes were swollen shut and his mouth was thick and out of shape. I beat him until J was sick and then I felt a stab through my guts like a thick bar — like I’d been harpooned.

Two brothers fight like brutes in the smashing climax of this real story of life on the ocean floor where the pressure twists men into raging animals.