Flight Out Of Hell

Man's Illustrated Magazine September 1962 thumbnail
Battlefront Rescue, men's magazine cover thumbnail
Man's Illustrated Magazine September 1962
Battlefront Rescue, men's magazine cover

Also featuring Buried Alive With 6 Lusty Pom-Pom Girls and The Nordic Nymphs Who Almost Killed Hitler

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Yankee Lama And His Khamba Girl Guerrillas

Man's Illustrated January 1961


The Amazing Saga Of Charlie Savage: Harem-Keeper Of The South Pacific

Man's Illustrated November 1958


Attack At Suicide Stretch

Man's Illustrated August 1956

Also, Sex In Marriage: Is One Woman Ever Enough? and The Untold Secret Of The Alamo


What You Should Know About Sex Stimulants

Man's Illustrated September 1958

Also featuring Zip-Gun Girl and Gallery Of Queer Nudes


Island Of No Return

MANS ILLUSTRATED March 1959 4-9 thumbnail
Man's Illustrated March 1959 thumbnail
Man's Illustrated March 1959

Also, The Wife-Swappers: The New Way Out For Misfit Mates, Love Cults, USA, and 20 China Dolls and Me

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Sgt. Hanneken’s Bloodbath On The Island Of Hate

Man’s Illustrated February 1960

Also, Slow Boat To Slaughter, and The Exclusive Report On Stag Movies, USA


The Tea-Pusher

Man’s Illustrated October 1958

Inside The Nightmare World Of Dope Addiction

Also featuring Shocking Case Against Vitamin Pills, Girl With 99 Husbands, Canada’s Lustiest Saga: Incredible Drive Of The Timber-Beast, and How To Get A Job Aboard Ship


Invincible O’Reilly — The Gringo From Hell

Man's Illustrated magazine cover, December 1957 thumbnail
Man's Illustrated December 1957 thumbnail
Man's Illustrated magazine cover, December 1957
Man's Illustrated December 1957

Also featuring Inside The City of Captive Slave Girls and How You Can Become A Soldier Of Fortune


Abe Stewart’s Great New Orleans Harem Raid!


Also featuring Inside The Books America Bans, East Side Jungle (In a Teen-age Gang Leader’s Own Words) and Love-Cults, U.S.A. (Jim Strang’s Kingdom Of 100 Wives)


Love-Cabin Girls Of Alaska

manillusdec58 001

Also featuring Case Of The Nude Tattoo, The Plot To Suppress A Cancer Cure, Secrets Behind Your Sex Dreams, and Devil Of Triton’s Tolt

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Cruise Of The Plywood Coffin

33257099-Smuggler's_Run,_Adventures_For_Men_magazine_cover,_May_1959 thumbnail
33257097-Adventures_For_Men_magazine_cover,_May_1959 thumbnail

How Sam Brownley Smashed Florida’s Dope-and-Flesh Smuggling Fleet

Also featuring: The A.W.O.L Who Was King Of Harem Island; Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerrillas; and Canada’s Night To Remember: Ordeal Of The SS Noronic


Charge of the Killer Baboons


Also, ‘Massacre in Blood Alley’ and ‘How Hidden Fears Ruin Your Sexlife’