Bold Moment (Original Title: The Horncasters)

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She shouldn’t have started it all


To Kill A Wife

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Murder September 1956
MURDER! Magazine, Sept 1956

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Death Waits At Point Barrow


Story of Wiley Post — America’s Greatest Air Ace


The Junk Pusher

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Pyramid 126 1954

He brought a new vice to a sin-ridden town

From the back:

His victims were drug-addicted teenager and desperate women
Rick Hunt was a salesman. His product was depravity. His territory extended from Stark Town’s crime-infested Mexican quarter to the sordid splendor of the Mayor’s mansion. His customers were the young and the broken—life’s grotesque failures, sustained by drugs and sensual fantasies.
His women were a teen-aged addict called Isabella and the love-starved wife of his oldest friend.

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I Watched Myself Die!

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20684104-True Adventures - 1955 09 Sept - bear attack painting by Frank Cozzarell
True Adventures September 1955

The First issue of True Adventures – this is a title and format change, as it was formerly Fifteen Detective Stories

Also featuring The Lonely Island Girls, The Day The River Ran Red. and The Case Of The Married Virgins