Lover Boy (1961)

Belmont 240 (1961). Second Printing. Uncredited Cover Art

The unashamed story of lonely women in a little New England town… and the man who wove a net of passions around them all

From the back:

Irene felt her eyelids flicker and a faint excitement began to creep through her body. She had become his chattel, his own personal possession to be used in any manner he wanted.
She realized now she had hypnotized herself into a belief she could dominate him. The puppet strings had been yanked from her fingers. She didn’t know whether she wanted to laugh or cry.
Now that he’d permitted her to see behind the mask, he was showing it all to her, the hard toughness, the smug satisfaction with himself, the undisciplined ruthlessness. She fought a rising panic.


Hot-Corner Guardian

Ace Sports September 1936

I know Hot-Corner Guardian is a baseball novel, but Mercury Of The Mile is about track and Torpedo Men is about speedboat racing, so I went with it for this tennis cover.


Add Flesh To The Fire

Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959 thumbnail
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Add Flesh to the Fire paperback cover, 1959

They Could Have The Guns — If He Had The Woman
A Tough Taut Tale Of Gun Running In The Bloody Caribbean Where Some Men Fought For Liberty — Others For Lust!

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The Seven Silver Skulls Of L’Gonda

Jungle Stories Winter 1947


The Unfortunate Flesh

Midwood #63 1960

She Couldn’t Love Men — So She Turned To Woman
A Touching Story Of The Third Sex And Forbidden Love That Dares Not Tell Its Name


The Devil’s Fangs To Strip Her Flesh

Men Today October 1963 thumbnail
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Men Today October 1963

Also featuring Nude Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Russian MonsterScorch Their Guts In Hell’s Valley, Sex Perversion: The Growing Menace Of The 60’s, Underground Horror For The Balkan Virgins, and The Fantastic Saga of The Barbary Coast’s Bloody Madame.

Later reused by World of Men for the same story, along with I Fought The Maiden-Butchering Fiend Of Hell Village, The Sex Perils Of Coed Nymphs, I Joined A Cellar Sin Cult, and Self-Test: 5 Clues To Your Sexual Maturity

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Singapore Nights


Facinating Tales of the East

Issue #1. The title would only publish nine issues before being retitled Magic Carpet. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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City Of Glass

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This entire issue can be downloaded here 

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