2 thoughts on “Cool Broads — Hot Rods!”

  1. Such a lot of good stuff is happening in this cover so typical of the Mens Magazines including a wonderful double entendre tagline, girls in a state of undress and dangerous or heroic dudes. So lets go and explore………..
    If you look closely at the double barrelled shotgun the cool broad is holding it seems as though a wisp of smoke is coming from the left barrel. She is no mood to accommodate disturbances – and no wonder if she was interrupted in the act of foreplay. (Damn, Elroy…and just when your hot rod started revving too. Looks like you’re off to Dragrace heaven any second now though!!) But she is the only sensible one here as all the rest are exposed to the homicidal cops bullets. The Doctor looks as though he’s saying “Didn’t you know smoking can kill you!” to the leader clad in stereotypical black leather and also he hasn’t got his plunger up (probably a good thing with all the bullets and hot rods floating about) so he is not much use to our blonde heroine – but luckily she has only a superficial wound so her look of discontent is possibly due to she’s just realised she’s lost all the buttons on her shirt……With all this manly action going on one almost misses the bag of money that caused all this kerfuffle and monumental fuck-up in the first place.

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