Nude Queen Of The Communist Cannibals!

Man's Action March 1962 thumbnail
Man's Action Magazine March 1962 thumbnail
Man's Action March 1962
Man's Action Magazine March 1962

Also, The Vicious Virgins Of Vietnam and Devil-Love Cults Are Invading The U.S.A.

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The Deadly China Dolls Of Torture Island

Man's Action September 1962

Somehow, this is the secondgirl strapped to a sea-mine” cover we have posted.


The Banzai Beauty

Man's Action May 1964

… Who Beat My Buddies To Death

Also featuring 5 Sex Problems That Can Make Your Wife Cheat


The Nazi She-Devil Who Killed For Kicks!

Man's Action April 1968


The “Gauntlet” Ordeal Of Lieut. Dugan And The Naked Dancer

Man's Action December 1962

Also includes Scandinavia: The World’s Free Love Paradise, Nude Judge, Nude Jury, and Rhode Island’s Sunken Sub Treasure,


Operation Zero

Man's Action - December 1966

Also featuring 6 New Love Techniques That Make You A Super Lover!, Vice Game Want Ad, The Mafia’s Golden Bird in the Typhoon Club, Warrior Maiden Decoys, and Love Starved Island Of The Damned!


The Nude Gun Runners Of Algiers


Also featuring The Lust Mad Killer Who Couldn’t Talk


Mike Cragg And His Jungle Killers

Man's Action May 1965

Also, Alcohol Can Ruin Your Love Life!, Sex On The College Campus, and We Found The Treasure of the Madagascar Mermaids


The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Man's Action February 1967

A jungle paradise and the lust for treasure drove this tough, on-the-run, Yankee adventurer to face a brutal, savage death from the vicious, blood-thirsty headhunters of the Matto Grosso in his search for — The Bloody Diamonds Of The Green Hell Maidens

Also, Doctor’s Machine Makes Love Better Than Men!


The Pachuko Pirates And The Girl In The Polka Dot Bikini

Man's Action March 1964


Raw Lust On The Bounty Slaver To Hell!

Man's Action February 1968

Also, Operation: Naked Victim and Blood Orgy Of The Rum Runner King


Flesh Circus Of The Fighting Nudes

MAN'S ACTION magazine, August 1968 thumbnail
MAN'S ACTION, August 1968 thumbnail
MAN'S ACTION magazine, August 1968
MAN'S ACTION, August 1968

Also featuring Women Who Pay For Sex, The Nude Eskimo Spy!, Dirty Air Can Kill Your Sex Life!, Operation: Naked Starlet, Arizona’s Lost Treasure Million$… Where To Find It!, and last but in no way least Orgy In The Nazi Lust House

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Jake Macon’s Suicide Dive Off Omaha Beach

Battle at Sea, men's adventure magazine story illustration thumbnail
Man's Action September 1965 thumbnail
Battle at Sea, men's adventure magazine story illustration
Man's Action September 1965

Also featuring Can Head And Sunburn Ruin Your Virility?Beatnik Joygirls Of Red Square and Just Found! $10 Million Pirate Treasure, Millions Still Untouched! Map Inside!

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