Different (1960)

Different, paperback cover, 1960 thumbnail
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Different, paperback cover, 1960
BEACON B311 1960

Society Uses An Ugly Word To Describe These Women!
The Strange Story Of Two Who Dared To Share Everything…

From the back:

Gail Hastings had money, fame and beauty — yet these did
not make her happy. What she wanted above all else was forbidden
in polite society, banned by conventional morality. This
is a problem far more common than generally realized. How can
women in Gail’s position cope with life? Her own choice was to
go after what she hungered for — even if it meant a descent
into the gutter…

But Gail, inevitably, dragged down another girl with herself —
the young and lovely Angela Winters. There was also the complication
of Diana King, who changed husbands the way she changed evening gowns and was always ready to experiment.
True, one man might have saved Gail from her shame — but Angela stole him, and Gail was left adrift, with no way to go but down…

One Of The Most Daring Tales Ever Told — Frankly Probing Areas Of Human Behavior Which Long Have Cried Out For Closer Examination And Greater Understanding


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