Naked Sin (Original Title: Sister Dora)

Tuxedo Books 108 1962 thumbnail
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Tuxedo Books 108 1962
Tuxedo Books 108 1962 back

A Strange Passion Controlled Them — Made Them Ignore The Code That Governs All Normal People — You See, They Were Brother And Sister!


Bring Out The Chained Beauty Of The Nazi’s Blood Castle

World Of Men May 1967


Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Warsaw Butcher

World Of Men November 1967


Chained Nudes For The Devil’s Legion

MANS EPIC December 1964 2-5

Also, Love In A Suitcase and The Lesbian Epidemic That Is Ruining Your Sex Life

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An American’s Border Crash-Out with a Communist Call-Girl

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Blue Book May 1964

If the turncoat female was loyal, Arthur Burford’s 1500-mile escape would dead-end at a firing squad.


Captive Beauties For The Monster Baron

Man's Epic June 1964

Also, Love Slave Of T.V.’s Casting Directors, Terror Of The Walking Dead and I Was A Captive Of A Teenage Lust Club


The Yank Who Drowned A German Army

Complete Man September 1965

Also featuring Showdown For A Passionate Nymph, The American Bachelor: Lover Or Sex Neurotic? and “Give Give” Girls Who Hunt GIs


Voluptuous Voyage

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Midwood #F198 1962 thumbnail
Midwood #F198 1962

They were a ship of sinners who left their morals on the pier.

From the back:

Cabin 15A Robin & Sherry — 
Two call girls who played for pay, but when they played for keeps they played with each other. 
Cabin 17A Letty —
A technical virgin who won her ticket on a quiz show by not being so technical about her virginity. 
Cabin 18A Vivi — 
Sex mistress of the ship, she knew what men and women wanted — and gave it to them from stem to stern.
Cabin 19A Jason & Connie — 
He had the equipment, she knew how to use it.
Then there was Alan and Owen and Martine, all thrown together on a cruise that was one wild orgy from port to port.

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Savage Rites Of The Whip-Wielding Panzer Monsters

MEN TODAY - 1971 05 May - cover by Bruce Minney-8x6

Also featuring Self Test: Do You Arouse A Woman Sexually? Soft Brides For The Fiends Of Orgy Island, Bizarre Sex Practices Of Our Turned-On Coeds, and The Violent World Of The Homosexual


Tonight We Hit The Nazis’ Torture Train 3695

New Man March 1966

Also featuring Sex Fears — How To Deal With Them, Teens On A Tear – The Wild Record Of Sex And Savagery, I Smashed The Viet Cong’s Flesh Palace Of Espionage, and Revealed: The True Horror Of Rape As I Lived It


The “King Kong” Gorilla That Terrorized A Town

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For Men Only August 1971

Having nothing better to do, a local drunk thought it would be fun to play Tarzan of the Apes with the great animal. But what followed was a bloody nightmare of horror that terrorized an entire county.

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Different (1960)

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Beacon #B311 1960 thumbnail
BEACON B311 1960 thumbnail
Different, paperback cover, 1960
Beacon #B311 1960
BEACON B311 1960

Society Uses An Ugly Word To Describe These Women!
The Strange Story Of Two Who Dared To Share Everything…

From the back:

Gail Hastings had money, fame and beauty — yet these did not make her happy. What she wanted above all else was forbidden in polite society, banned by conventional morality. This is a problem far more common than generally realized. How can women in Gail’s position cope with life? Her own choice was to go after what she hungered for — even if it meant a descent into the gutter…

But Gail, inevitably, dragged down another girl with herself — the young and lovely Angela Winters. There was also the complication of Diana King, who changed husbands the way she changed evening gowns and was always ready to experiment.
True, one man might have saved Gail from her shame — but Angela stole him, and Gail was left adrift, with no way to go but down…

One Of The Most Daring Tales Ever Told — Frankly Probing Areas Of Human Behavior Which Long Have Cried Out For Closer Examination And Greater Understanding


The Lovemakers (Man’s World)


Also featuring Nude In The Tub, Girls… Gold… Guns: Yank Boss Of 1968’s ‘Dodge City’ On The Amazon, and Scandal Of Our Gyp “Shlock” Furniture Stores: No Money Down — And Pay Forever