The Bloody Nude Ritual Of Satan’s Cultists

Man's Action April 1969

Also, How To Make Out While You’re Making Money, Idaho’s Lost Treasure Millions, Nude Victims of New England’s Mad Fetish Fiend, Orgy On Wheels, Opium Death Ship — Sex And Torture On The High Seas and Bizarre Saga Of The World War II Lust Spy


Naked Sin (Original Title: Sister Dora)

Tuxedo Books 108 1962 thumbnail
Tuxedo Books 108 1962 back thumbnail
Tuxedo Books 108 1962
Tuxedo Books 108 1962 back

A Strange Passion Controlled Them — Made Them Ignore The Code That Governs All Normal People — You See, They Were Brother And Sister!


The Wild Assault Of Scott’s Bazooka Blondes

Man's Book November 1963


The Incredible Raid Of Mason’s Cliff Hanging Nymphs Of Ploesti

Man's Book January 1964

Also featuring The Fantastic Escape Of The Fraulein-Loving Fly Boy, and Beware The Sex Lures Of Alimony Hunting Harlots


Bring Out The Chained Beauty Of The Nazi’s Blood Castle

World Of Men May 1967


Bring Out The Chained Beauties Of Hitler’s Torture Compound

Men Today September 1964 thumbnail
Men Today Magazine September 1964 thumbnail
Men Today September 1964
Men Today Magazine September 1964

Also featuring The Tragic Scandal Of Our Homosexual Athletes, 10 Ways To Tell If You Are Sexually Maladjusted, and Sex Is Driving Our College Girls Berserk

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Just The Two of Us

Midwood F323 1963

Determined to make their love endure, they turned their backs on the world

From the back:

CONNIE … the sleek and sensuous redhead, cynical and shockproof, a specialist in catering to the coarse demands of jaded men as well as the secret needs of lonely young women.
JOANNE … the angel-faced blonde, fragile and appealing, nurturing a neurotic jealousy that demanded a vicious and savage revenge.
SUSAN …. a small-town brunette with big-city dreams, breathlessly eager and pain-fully naive, too young and innocent to cope with the evil forces that lurked behind the glittering tinsel of the neon jungle.


Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Warsaw Butcher

World Of Men November 1967


Chained Nudes For The Devil’s Legion

MANS EPIC December 1964 2-5

Also, Love In A Suitcase and The Lesbian Epidemic That Is Ruining Your Sex Life

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Perverted Desires

Tuxedo Book 106 (1962) thumbnail
Tuxedo Book #106 1962 thumbnail
Tuxedo Book 106 (1962)
Tuxedo Book #106 1962

He Used A Drug To Make His Women Wild With Passion

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An American’s Border Crash-Out with a Communist Call-Girl

Bluebook Magazine May 1964 thumbnail
Blue Book May 1964 thumbnail
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Bluebook Magazine May 1964
Blue Book May 1964

If the turncoat female was loyal, Arthur Burford’s 1500-mile escape would dead-end at a firing squad.


Bring Out The Lust Slaves Of The Nazis’ Treasure Cave

World of Men October 1966


One Hour To Sabotage Hitler’s Joy Girl Express!

Real Men December 1969

Also, You Sex My Wife — I’ll Sex Your Wife!, Experienced Males: Overheated Teen-age Nymphs Are Looking For You!, Vice Dolls Who Rent Out Their Services By The Day Or Week! and Our Ship Has Been Blown To Bits — Everybody’s Dying! Everybody’s Dead!

This entire issue can be downloaded here


For Easy Sex — Just Take The Bus

Real Men July 1971 thumbnail
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RealMen1971-07p30-31 thumbnail
Real Men July 1971

Also featuring The Temple Treasure Of Ankor Vat, and The Gentle Art Of Picking Pockets. This entire issue can be downloaded here