Diploma of Passion


Lusty and bold… the sex-filled world of the college campus.

From the back:

The twilight world of the girl’s dorm held new wonders for the coed, whose extra-curricular activities were rewarded with a Diploma Of Passion

In a movement that bespoke surrender, Nancy dropped her hands to her sides as Grace moved against her. “Don’t move, baby! Don’t move,” Grace breathed as she cupped Nancy’s full, large breasts in her hands.

Nancy was breathing heavily, her mouth open. She leaned forward against Grace. The tall brunette pulled the blonde to her and ran her hands down Nancy’s back until she came to panties — then with a swift, tearing motion she stripped them from her body and the two girls stood naked, both breathing hard. Their eyes filled with wonder…

She snuggled up close to him and acquiesced as he fondled her once more. She wanted him to have her and her grip was almost brutal as she pulled him toward her. When she didn’t remove her under-clothes, he ripped them from her. She was glad. For a fleeting moment she wondered if she liked his primitive, rough love-making better than a careful, methodical seduction. But almost instantly she forgot her other lovers as Paul continued his brutish love-making. “He’s going to kill me,” she thought wildly, but she was enjoying it too much to try to stop him. Finally, they met in a last shudder of ecstasy, and then both lay still.


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  1. ….with a swift tearing motion she stripped the from her body. Them? the panties? Either way it seems too exciting to bother about grammar, but I thought I’d just point it out.

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