3 thoughts on “Girls For Satan’s Birdcage”

    1. No, no. I made a mistake on this one. Yes, the original is definitely John Newton Howitt, but the leg has been touched up (as well as other parts of the painting) in an altogether different style than Howitt’s. So you should remove the Howitt tag, because Howitt is not the repaint artist.

      (I will be sure, next time, to ascertain that it’s not a retouched cover before I identify the artist.)

  1. Okay, this is what I’m talking about. Compare the above painting with the following painting:

    The Mummy Maker

    You can plainly see that it’s the same painting, except that the above painting (Girls For Satan’s Birdcage) has been retouched. In the original her skirt is down, clothes are on and he’s got a syringe in his hand. In this one her skirt is up, clothes are coming off and the syringe is connected to a tank. The repainted work is far inferior to the original artwork. Do you really believe that John Newton Howitt retouched his original artwork in this fashion, doing far inferior work than he did originally? To me, it is obvious repainting was done by someone else. Yet you have this tagged as Howitt.

    I would think that if you are going to tag it by the original artist (who is known), and not by the artist that retouched it (who is unknown), at least make another tag, such as Retouched or Repainted or something to let the visitors know they are looking at redone artwork. Just a suggestion. :)

    Also, I would provide a link to both covers so people can see the before and after, like you do with other covers.

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