Harling College (1964)

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The most popular subject in this school was Sex!
Prexied by a beautiful tramp…
Financed by questionable money…
Guided by an international boudoir expert…
Staffed by a free-loving faculty…

From the back:

A Girl Can Learn All Kinds Of Things In College… !
Blonde, bold and busty — Dorothy Benson at twenty was the answer to every lusting male’s prayers, but she wasn’t enough for ambitious Jim Harrigan. He used every lovely inch of her, then passed on to the green eyes and greener pastures of Cynthia Jamison.
Cynthia had a million-dollar figure and a million-dollar bankroll — some of which, for peculiar reasons of her own, was spent on a very special small college. When suddenly Jim found himself managing a school full of delightful co-eds and bewitching young teachers, he began to taste forbidden sweets, the most appetizing of which was a classroom beauty named Melanie Moore. All sorts of scandalous doings followed on and off the campus. No girl on the place was safe and no girl wanted to be. 
A Bold Novel Which Strips The Veil From Some Special Institutions Of “Higher Learning.”

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