4 thoughts on “Killer, Come Back To Me”

  1. Well rats, this won’t be released until August 18th.
    And you guys call ME a tease.

    Thank you for the head’s up, however.

  2. Just before Ray Bradbury died, he came to my town and gave a lecture at the local library. When I found out he was coming, I thought, “Should I call in sick and go see him?” I decided to go to work, instead, thinking that perhaps I’d get another chance to meet him some other time. Shortly after he spoke at our library, I found out he had passed away. Boy, was I upset.

    1. He was a great man and a great writer. I had the pleasure of talking to him several times over the years at the San Diego Comic-con. This was back when it was NOT a Hollywood event and you could sit and talk with the guests and speakers. He was wonderful.

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