Ladies Of The Red Lamp

Archer Books No.69 1951

From the back:

In this powerful tale of love, luxury, and lust in Latin America, Roland Vane unfolds with stark realism the fate that has overtaken the many women who have been fooled into believing the promises of villainous spoilers of woman-hood, only to find themselves condemned to lives of misery and horror.

This is the story of a bathing beauty queen who becomes the victim of one of these slippery scoundrels, and the trials she faces in trying to escape the life of shame into which she has been lead. But it is something more — it is a warning which all women should read.

The author knows this part of the world very well and frankly exposes the lies about the luxury and glamour which are used as bait to young, innocent girls, revealing the evil background of the dealers in human souls.


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