Listen To The Madman’s Drum!

Horror Stories October 1937

Also, Daughter Of The Devil

Cover was later retouched for the February 1940 issue of Dime Mystery. Interestingly, it was retouched to make it more risque.


4 thoughts on “Listen To The Madman’s Drum!”

  1. This cover (Listen To The Madman’s Drum!) and Satan’s Seamstress were done by the same artist. Compare the faces and red garb of all the men of these two covers.

  2. Monroe Eisenberg.

    (I’m assuming that the tag for Satan’s Seamstress, which says “Monroe Eisenberg,” is correct. If it turns out that tag is wrong and it’s some other artist, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that this cover, the Satan’s Seamstress cover, and the Pray That She Stays With The Dead! cover were all done by the same artist. So, I’m calling all three: Monroe Eisenberg.) Compare:

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