11 thoughts on “Listen To The Madman’s Drum!”

  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I had actually already posted that Dime Mystery, but hadn’t made the connection.

  2. This cover (Listen To The Madman’s Drum!) and Satan’s Seamstress were done by the same artist. Compare the faces and red garb of all the men of these two covers.

  3. Monroe Eisenberg.

    (I’m assuming that the tag for Satan’s Seamstress, which says “Monroe Eisenberg,” is correct. If it turns out that tag is wrong and it’s some other artist, it doesn’t matter. All I know is that this cover, the Satan’s Seamstress cover, and the Pray That She Stays With The Dead! cover were all done by the same artist. So, I’m calling all three: Monroe Eisenberg.) Compare:


    1. I might have been premature in my assessment. (This is what happens when I have and use only one single painting as a reference.) So, I take it back about this being Monroe Eisenberg. I’m beginning to suspect that ____ _. ________ painted this (and the Dime Mystery) cover, but I’m not ready to say who it is, just yet. I want to do some more comparisons, first.

        1. marc, I looked at the Soare covers and although he certainly did paint similar images, his style still doesn’t seem to match the above cover.

          You newly identified (from philpott) some covers as David Berger (which I had previously thought looked somewhat like John A. Coughlin, but also somehow off) and so, going off that new identification, and looking over the other Berger covers on this site, I now think this cover is David Berger.

  4. Well if it’s not ____ _. ________ (which, as I wrote above, I had started to suspect), then I’m back to thinking it’s Monroe Eisenberg. (And that goes for the other cover, too.)

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