Amazing Saga Of Bully Hayes, Girl-For-Sale King Of The Pacific

Adventures for Men April 1959

Also featuring A Juvenile Delinquent’s Rampage: The Savage Life Of Binnie Welch, Unsung Battles Of The Meatball Brigade, and finally Counter-Spy John Pollack’s ‘Impossible Mission’ “Go To A Bordello In Panama City…”


War And Women For “The Tiger”!


Sadist, Rapist, He Ruled By Terror And Violence!

Also, Just About Everyone In Mexico Can Afford A Mistress!


Escape From Camp Kabrit

Adventures For Men June 1959

Also featuring Love King Of Amazon Island, This JD Gang For Hire!, and Ghoul Of Thunder Bay


Cruise Of The Plywood Coffin

33257099-Smuggler's_Run,_Adventures_For_Men_magazine_cover,_May_1959 thumbnail
33257097-Adventures_For_Men_magazine_cover,_May_1959 thumbnail

How Sam Brownley Smashed Florida’s Dope-and-Flesh Smuggling Fleet

Also featuring: The A.W.O.L Who Was King Of Harem Island; Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerrillas; and Canada’s Night To Remember: Ordeal Of The SS Noronic