Amazing Saga Of Bully Hayes, Girl-For-Sale King Of The Pacific

Adventures for Men April 1959

Also featuring A Juvenile Delinquent’s Rampage: The Savage Life Of Binnie Welch, Unsung Battles Of The Meatball Brigade, and finally Counter-Spy John Pollack’s ‘Impossible Mission’ “Go To A Bordello In Panama City…”


Cruise Of The Plywood Coffin

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33257097-Adventures_For_Men_magazine_cover,_May_1959 thumbnail

How Sam Brownley Smashed Florida’s Dope-and-Flesh Smuggling Fleet

Also featuring: The A.W.O.L Who Was King Of Harem Island; Find The White Queen Of The Jap Guerrillas; and Canada’s Night To Remember: Ordeal Of The SS Noronic