Cigarettes: Your Invitation to Cancer!


‘Cancer’ is what they call the lion, who tracks them by the smell of cigarette smoke. 

Fry Me In Acid


Also, ‘The Woman and the Whip: Last Stop on the Paris Underground’, ‘The Dolls Who Make The Dice Behave’, and ‘The Hot-House Hussies Who Teased A King!’

I Photographed Montreal’s Vice

Stag March 1954

When I think of Montreal, the first two things that come to mind are giant flying manta ray attacks, and prostitutes.

Monkey Madness


Also, ‘What To Tell Your Wife About Sex’. Presumably, “Yes, please!”

The Lawsuits That Threaten Your Life


Also ‘Swimming Pools of Passion’ and ‘The Sex-Mad Monsters of Dortmund’

The Strangler Came Out Of The Sea

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Stag September 1955 thumbnail
Stag September 1955

Also, ‘House of Strange Women’


I Fought The Blood Suckers of Ceylon

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Male October 1955 thumbnail
Male October 1955

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Chewed Alive and Screaming!


Also, ‘The Fighting Harlots of Cay Chi’ and “The Passion Parlor of Old Beacon Hill’

The Terrible Oriental Mink Torturers


Note that they use mink to torture, they don’t torture mink.