Rodent Mutation


“Civilization staggered under the onslaught of the radio-active giants”

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Tragedy of Stalin’s Beautiful Girl Spy


Also, ‘More About the G-String Murders’ and a guy fighting a shark with a knife.

Save Her From The Snakes


We’d gone into the jungle looking for fun and romance. But all we found was fear and terror! 

Spider Monkeys Tore Me Apart

Man's Life November 1957

Plus, Savanna Georgia: Joytown of the South, and I Don’t Want My Daughter to Marry an American


Twisted Horns Tore My Guts


‘Have Gun — Will Kill’ and ‘Suburbia… New Hot-Box of Vice’


Cigarettes: Your Invitation to Cancer!


‘Cancer’ is what they call the lion, who tracks them by the smell of cigarette smoke. 

Fry Me In Acid


Also, ‘The Woman and the Whip: Last Stop on the Paris Underground’, ‘The Dolls Who Make The Dice Behave’, and ‘The Hot-House Hussies Who Teased A King!’

I Photographed Montreal’s Vice

Stag March 1954

When I think of Montreal, the first two things that come to mind are giant flying manta ray attacks, and prostitutes.