Big, Swappy Family

Companion Books CB594 1968

From the back:

B.J. had to have Nina for his swap club. She was a hot ex-stripper, and looked every inch the sensualist. Her husband didn’t like it, but what could he do? Jeff worked for B.J., and when the boss ordered lust, Jeff provided it in quantity!


Lesbian Hell

Playtime 654-S 1963

The twilight world of lesbians — furtive lovers ensnared in a web of lust, degradation and debauchery


Sex Among Searchers

Saber SA-127 1968

Come hell or high water, he was determined to sexually possess this female!


Playboy Parker’s Joy Girl Commando Raid

Man's Daring Magazine January 1962

Also, High School Girls Are Driving The “Pros” Out Of Business, Nude Tortures Of 1,000 Cuts!, and last but definitely not least Mad Lust Of The Hypnotized Gorilla