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Leisure Book LB1209 1967

Virgin And Vixen On A Vice Vacation

From the back:

Shari and Dee knew all about lust, but they wanted to learn more. In the sinful resort town they were… QUICK AND EASY for any well-muscled studs who were spending their vacations on the merry-go-round of degradation.


Two For The Money (2020)


Hard Case Crime previously published this book with a cover by Mark Texeira

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Castle in the Air


The World’s Most Devious Thieves Race To Steal A King’s Ransom!

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The Girl Who Loved Death

Amazing Stories September 1952 thumbnail
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008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008 thumbnail
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009 thumbnail
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Amazing Stories September 1952
008-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 008
009-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 009
044-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 044
057-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 057
085-AS v26n09 (1952-09) 085

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In Sex We Trust

Saber Books, SA117 1968

She could sexually outlast them all — male or female, one after the other — and then return to her job as a whore