School For Nymphos

All Man Magazine January 1963

Also featuring Sex In The Islands, I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, Women Are My Slaves, and Traitor With A Whip


Seven Ways To Recognize A Nymphomaniac

All Man Magazine January 1966

Also featuring Why We Love Wife-Swapping, I Found The Fabulous Lost Treasure Of The Czars, and Vampirism — Fresh Blood For Breakfast


The Ever-Loving Blues


It was an itsy-bitsy white polka-dot bikini. She was a beautiful brunette, curvy, kissable, cuddly. Too bad they had come together – in death.


See Him Die / Dope To Kill

Manhunt July 1955 thumbnail
Manhunt October 1958 thumbnail
Manhunt July 1955
Manhunt October 1958

This entire issue can be downloaded here and here

Give Me Ecstasy

1951, Exotic Novel #18

They Registered As Brother And Sister….


Henry Yager And His Golden Girl Guerillas

Real Men March 1960

Also featuring You’ll Never Leave Russia Alive!, The Passionate Prophet Of Oneida, and The Treasure Of Abu The Mad!


Blonde Dynamite

Beacon Softcover Library B862X 1965

An Intimate View Of What Some Coeds Must Go Through To Get Educated
Margo was learning more after curfew than during class


Action! Camera! — Drop Dead!

Hollywood Detective April 1950


Frozen Beauty

Weird Tales magazine cover, February 1938 thumbnail
25122816-WeirdTales-Feb38[1] thumbnail
39475502-7005326391_1c5ea22f50_o[1] thumbnail
Weird Tales magazine cover, February 1938

An arresting story of a great surgeon’s weird experiment

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