Young Secretary

Venus Books No 167, 1954

She Learned about Life and Love in an Office

Cover reused from No Time For Marriage


Las Vegas Madam

Domino Books 72-728, 1964 thumbnail
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Domino Books 72-728, 1964

She ruled an empire of vice – but her own twisted desires made her a tortured slave

From the back:

Sex and money were the double-barreled bait that made big Mark Hale take on a tracing job—and the trail led straight to a place where sex and money flowed like water!
His mission was to find a man—a rich playboy gone astray. But the path was littered with loose ladies—whose common motive seemed to be a burning desire to lure him into non-stop sessions of fiery love-making. And the hottest of them all was Linda, who ran a motel where the room service included all varieties of passion-for-pay—but who had a secret variety of her own that even Mark Hale hadn’t met before…
It all made the job ten times tougher—but the fringe benefits were all female, all feverish, and all fabulous!

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Campus Queen

Midwood 33-682 1965

She Played The Game — And Won

From the back:

After a year of college, Nancy. found that books, alone, could not teach her what she wanted to learn. This is the story about a beautiful girl and her quest to discover the facts-of-life.


Obsession (1965)

Midwood 32-510 1965

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to be alone with this strange and sensual creature

From the back:

The Velvet Trap
She had wanted only to be loved, to be desired, to please and be pleased. Somehow, somewhere during her quest for fulfillment, she’d become both the used and the user, the subject and the object, a creature of both ecstasy and despair.
Was this to be her fate: to be a mere plaything of these savage, lusting women… a helpless victim of their strange sickness? Was this to be her life: to be passed around among these hard and voracious creatures who cared nothing about her feelings but only her body… who took without giving, seeking only to satisfy their own depraved and jaded needs?