The Hypnotist

PEC Book N 143 (1966)

From the back:

John Meridith Swift was only 14 years old and he was quite impressed by the hypnotist he’d seen. It wasn’t surprising that he tried to imitate the man, but, as he discovered with young Nancy next door, he had to give his voice time to mature a little.
He never lost his fascination for the art, however, and much later . . . in his last year at college, he had the opportunity for an interesting experiment. One which caused a young virgin to turn up pregnant; almost costing her life and sanity . . . and John’s as well .. .


Satan Was A Lesbian

PEC G-1103 1966

She also had a pimping Van Dyke, apparently. Which only makes sense.


French Twist

Nite Time Books 113 1964

She must battle these forces alone, trying desperately to save her marriage — faced with blackmail, a killer, and unknown terror. How could one little French girl get into so much trouble?


Hot Cargo


Hired To Ferry Party Girls For The Mob, Barry Found Love In The Arms Of A Hood’s Mistress!


Satan’s Daughter (Epic Book)

37970684-LPF-Satan's_Daughter-Front thumbnail
37970678-LPF-Satan's_Daughter-Back thumbnail

Desperately, passionately in love with Randy, Jerry though he had found happiness — until he ran headlong into a leather-jacketed band of cruel, lusting wanton, twisted he-women… one of whom wanted Randy even more than he!

Doug Weaver‘s classic cover art was later reused for Satan Was A Lesbian. Not related to the Spicy Mystery story of the same name.


Hot Pants Homo

All Star Book AS-22 1964

Apparently, the man romancing the nice young women on this cover is gay.