The World’s Toughest Job!

Bluebook June 1953 thumbnail
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Bluebook June 1953

They hunt for billions in sunken treasure

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Kayo The German Lighthouse And Save The Anzio Landing

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Bluebook August 1963

Also featuring Sinful Madam Elva: World’s Wealthiest Call Girl, Our New Underwater Air Force (Fighter-bombers launched from 100 feet below the ocean), American Agent Murdoch’s Escape From Russia’s Dragnet, and After 29 Days The Crew Ate Pilot Malmgren. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Inside Tips On Macao’s Girls And Pleasure Palaces

Blue Book October 1964 thumbnail
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Blue Book October 1964

This looks a lot like a McGinnis cover *EDIT It is a McGinnis! See comments

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The Redhead Who Cried For Blood

Blue Book October 1962 thumbnail
Bluebook For Men October 1962 thumbnail
Blue Book October 1962
Bluebook For Men October 1962

A vengeful wildcat and an ex-Marine turn a hot war hotter!

Also, How To Outsmart A Used Car Dealer and Ghoulish Dr. Cream: Medical Monster Who Murdered Scarlet Women

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An American’s Border Crash-Out with a Communist Call-Girl

Bluebook Magazine May 1964 thumbnail
Blue Book May 1964 thumbnail
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Bluebook Magazine May 1964
Blue Book May 1964

If the turncoat female was loyal, Arthur Burford’s 1500-mile escape would dead-end at a firing squad.


Hi-Jacked Yank Skipper Who Smashed A Dominican Red Ring

Bluebook July 1963

Also featuring Khrushchev’s Flower-Nymph Spy (She seduced the West’s secrets for money, the East’s for revenge), I’ve Forged My Way To A Fun-Packed $250,000 Orgy — But…, The Day His Battle Girls Broke The Jap’s Backs On Samar, and The Savage 53-Kill Air War Of “Pretty Boy” Guynemer


The Rape Of Algiers

Bluebook for Men August 1962 thumbnail
Blue Book August 1962 thumbnail
Bluebook for Men August 1962
Blue Book August 1962

Secret behind Colonel X’s Army — The French Legion of Dishonor

Also featuring Dope Peddlers Confidential, $1,000-a-Night Goddess of Sin (Exciting story of Julia Bulette, Nevada’s Naughty Nymph), and Hypnotherapy: A New Way To A Happier Sex Life

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… And Bury The Dead


Danger and death in Panama’s “Green Hell”


The Deadly Blonde Of Barranca de Cobre


At the end of the trail was a fortune in stolen diamonds, a sadistic renegade and a lady on the lam hungering for revenge!


Gullible’s Travels


What would YOU do if you came out of prison, found out that another guy had moved in with your beautiful woman — and you dare not hit him lest you go back to that rock pile?


Inside Arabia’s Body Bazaar: Where Slave Girls Sell For $50


Also, I Was A Professional Lover For The Secret Service