Kayo The German Lighthouse And Save The Anzio Landing

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Bluebook August 1963

Also featuring Sinful Madam Elva: World’s Wealthiest Call Girl, Our New Underwater Air Force (Fighter-bombers launched from 100 feet below the ocean), American Agent Murdoch’s Escape From Russia’s Dragnet, and After 29 Days The Crew Ate Pilot Malmgren. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Hi-Jacked Yank Skipper Who Smashed A Dominican Red Ring

Bluebook July 1963

Also featuring Khrushchev’s Flower-Nymph Spy (She seduced the West’s secrets for money, the East’s for revenge), I’ve Forged My Way To A Fun-Packed $250,000 Orgy — But…, The Day His Battle Girls Broke The Jap’s Backs On Samar, and The Savage 53-Kill Air War Of “Pretty Boy” Guynemer