Singapore Nights


Facinating Tales of the East

Issue #1. The title would only publish nine issues before being retitled Magic Carpet. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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“Wet Plate” Wallace and the Belles of Tapirape

Sir January 1960


Confessions Of A Chinatown Moll


A glimpse behind the bamboo screen into a world of plush harems, hashish and the machinations of the orient…


Hong Kong’s Secret Street Of Evil

True Adventures Magazine June 1962 thumbnail
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True Adventures June 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures Magazine June 1962
True Adventures June 1962

Where No White Man May Come Out Alive!

Also featuring Do You Really Know How To Make Love and Boy “Queen” Who Ruled An Empire

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My Enemy, My Wife

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Trapped in Hong Kong’s lower depths… was one woman’s love enough to free him?

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His Second Wife

Saber Books SA-68 - Sheldon Abbott - His Second Wife

It took him two years in the Orient to learn that differences between women were only skin deep — including… His Second Wife