Sex Peddles Hot Drugs

True Crime Detective May 1949

My Body Is My Lure — Thrill Mad Playboys Are My Suckers!


Frightened Divorcée and the Phantom of the Beach

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Headquarters Detective December 1941 thumbnail
Headquarters Detective - 1941-12
Headquarters Detective December 1941

Also featuring Death By Appointment: Exposing Dr .Ramsey’s Notorious Abortion Ring

This cover was later reused for the November 1947 issue

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Pay For My Kiss!

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Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949 thumbnail
Exotic Novel No.1 1949
Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949

She wanted a husband — And she didn’t care whose!

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Reckless Girl

Romantic Novels #2 1952 thumbnail
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Romantic Novels #2 1952

She was hurt once because of her passion
She sought solace in reckless revenge on all men — loving them, laughing at them, and leaving them, until…


Respectable Harlot (Original Title: Unfaithful)

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Quarter Books #72 1950 thumbnail
Quarter Books 72, 1950
Quarter Books #26, 1949
Quarter Books #72 1950

On Her Wedding Night, She Made A Strange Confession

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Passion’s Mistress (Original Title: Pure Girl)

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Quarter Books #71 1950 thumbnail
1950 Quarter Books 71
Quarter Books #71 1950

Her Charms Were For Sale!

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Careless Virgin (Original Title: Harlot’s Return)

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Quarter Books #61, 1950

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