Watch Out For The Shill Girl

Police Detective Cases February 1952

She Comes From The Pent House, The Dance Hall Or The Gutter… She’s A Model Or A Waitress, Or A Dame At A Bar… She’s Young And Pretty, But Her Tricks Are Old And Dirty… It’s Not You She Wants, It’s Your Bankroll!


Sex Peddles Hot Drugs

True Crime Detective May 1949

My Body Is My Lure — Thrill Mad Playboys Are My Suckers!


Pay For My Kiss!

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Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949 thumbnail
Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949

She wanted a husband — And she didn’t care whose!

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Reckless Girl

Romantic Novels #2 1952 thumbnail
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Romantic Novels #2 1952

She was hurt once because of her passion
She sought solace in reckless revenge on all men — loving them, laughing at them, and leaving them, until…


Respectable Harlot (Original Title: Unfaithful)

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Quarter Books #72 1950 thumbnail
Quarter Books #26, 1949
Quarter Books #72 1950

On Her Wedding Night, She Made A Strange Confession

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Passion’s Mistress (Original Title: Pure Girl)

Quarter Books #71 1950

Her Charms Were For Sale!


Careless Virgin (Original Title: Harlot’s Return)

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Quarter Books #61, 1950

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