Lost To Desire

Carnival Books Issue #952 1953 thumbnail
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Peggy Gaddis - Lost to Desire (1952, Venus Books #137) thumbnail
Carnival Books Issue #952 1953
Peggy Gaddis - Lost to Desire (1952, Venus Books #137)

The Story Of A Spoiled Daughter And Two Men!

From the back:

She Played With Fire…
Teasing the boys—tossing out the bait and letting them dangle was Georgia’s idea of fun—driving men crazy was her way of life…
But the Fates have a way of dealing with such a woman… They send her a man who will beat her at her own game… a man who will laugh in her face when she pleads for his kisses… a man who will teach her the meaning of burning desire and not give her its fulfillment… a man who will teach her what happens to girls who play with the fires of love…

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Death Of A Temptress / Ex-Virgin

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Was The Blonde Captive The Victim Of Murder Alone?
At seventeen, Mary took lessons in lust…

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Unfaithful! (Original Title: Great Lover)

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Unfaithful! Back cover thumbnail
Unfaithful! Back cover

One Woman Wasn’t Enough


Office Play-Girl (Original Title: Hard)


She Would Give Herself To The Man Who Gave Her A Good Job, Until One Day…


Vera Is A Tramp

45540525-rodewald,fred vera is a tramp49

Veronica Was A Virgin, But… Vera Is A Tramp

The original painting for this cover apparently exists, but I have not yet found a large image of it.


Blood-Lusting Demon And The Overnight Blonde!

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Detective Yearbook 1950 thumbnail
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Detective Yearbook 1950

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Passion Slaying Of The Sinful Siren!

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True Crime July 1949 thumbnail
True Crime July 1949

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Illicit Love Is Sweet But Bloody!

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Police Detective Cases April 1949 thumbnail
Police Detective Cases April 1949

Sex Was Her Lure — Playboys Were Her Meat!


Last Fling Of The Playgirl Wife!

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Best True Fact Detective July 1949 thumbnail
Best True Fact Detective July 1949

“Can Think Of A Much Better Way To Take You For A Ride,” The Sultry Beauty Whispered.

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Sorority Sin


Probes Deeply To The Rotten Core Of Co-Ed Sex

The Shocking Tale Of A Pretty College Girl Imprisoned By Perversion, And The Man Whose Body Held Out Her One Hope For Escape…!


Back-Country Wench (Original Title: Restless Wife)


A Story Of An Exotic Mountain Girl


Margie Is For Loving

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An Exotic Tale Of Modern People Who Live And Love In Sin!

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Noir Paperback Cover Paintings

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23609564-Crime_noir_paperback_cover._Gouache_on_board._Not_signed thumbnail
23609565-EDMOND_GRAY_(American_20th_Century)._Crime_noir_paperback_cover thumbnail
23609571-Wanted thumbnail

Here is some cover art sans covers. In fact, not only do I not have the covers, I can’t find the names of the paperback they were printed for, or in three cases even the names of the artists. However, they were just too good to not share.

If anyone has any more info about these paintings, please let me know. Enjoy!

Via Heritage Auctions here, here, here, here, and here