Lost To Desire

Carnival Books Issue #952 1953 thumbnail
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Peggy Gaddis - Lost to Desire (1952, Venus Books #137) thumbnail
Carnival Books Issue #952 1953
Peggy Gaddis - Lost to Desire (1952, Venus Books #137)

The Story Of A Spoiled Daughter And Two Men!

From the back:

She Played With Fire…
Teasing the boys—tossing out the bait and letting them dangle was Georgia’s idea of fun—driving men crazy was her way of life…
But the Fates have a way of dealing with such a woman… They send her a man who will beat her at her own game… a man who will laugh in her face when she pleads for his kisses… a man who will teach her the meaning of burning desire and not give her its fulfillment… a man who will teach her what happens to girls who play with the fires of love…

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Death Of A Temptress / Ex-Virgin

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Was The Blonde Captive The Victim Of Murder Alone?
At seventeen, Mary took lessons in lust…

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Unfaithful! (Original Title: Great Lover)

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Unfaithful! Back cover thumbnail
Unfaithful! Back cover

One Woman Wasn’t Enough


Office Play-Girl (Original Title: Hard)


She Would Give Herself To The Man Who Gave Her A Good Job, Until One Day…


Vera Is A Tramp

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Veronica Was A Virgin, But… Vera Is A Tramp

The original painting for this cover apparently exists, but I have not yet found a large image of it.


Blood-Lusting Demon And The Overnight Blonde!

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Detective Yearbook 1950 thumbnail
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Detective Yearbook 1950

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Passion Slaying Of The Sinful Siren!

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True Crime July 1949 thumbnail
True Crime July 1949

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Illicit Love Is Sweet But Bloody!

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Police Detective Cases April 1949 thumbnail
Police Detective Cases April 1949

Sex Was Her Lure — Playboys Were Her Meat!


Last Fling Of The Playgirl Wife!

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Best True Fact Detective July 1949 thumbnail
Best True Fact Detective July 1949

“Can Think Of A Much Better Way To Take You For A Ride,” The Sultry Beauty Whispered.

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Sorority Sin


Probes Deeply To The Rotten Core Of Co-Ed Sex

The Shocking Tale Of A Pretty College Girl Imprisoned By Perversion, And The Man Whose Body Held Out Her One Hope For Escape…!


Back-Country Wench (Original Title: Restless Wife)


A Story Of An Exotic Mountain Girl