The Devil In Iron

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The plot concerns the resurrection of a mythical demon due to the theft of a sacred dagger, and an unrelated trap that lures Conan to the island fortress roamed by the demon. Due to its plot loopholes and borrowed elements from Iron Shadows in the Moon, some Howard scholars claim this story is the weakest of the early Conan tales.

This complete issue can be downloaded here


Shadows in Zamboula

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A classic Conan tale. The story takes place over a night in Zamboula, with political intrigue amidst streets filled with roaming cannibals. It features the character Baal-pteor, one of the few humans in the Conan stories to be a physical challenge for the Cimmerian himself. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


The Heart of Siva

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Weird Tales - October 1932

This is my 1,000 post here on, and I think a Weird Tales cover by Margaret Brundage is the perfect way to mark this milestone. She is one of the quintessential artists who defined the look of the quintessential Pulp magazine. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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