The Little Caesars

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1961 ACE D-486

A Shocking Novel of Teen-age Gangsters and Their Girls

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Make My Bed In Hell (Original Title: Seventy Times Seven)



A Lover’s Blade


Her lover was the bloodiest swordsman in the Royal Dragoons


The Awakening (Original Title: Miracle on San Jaime)


The story of a man who had lived too much, and a girl who was just ready to begin


Chinese Love Tales


Exotic Classics Of Bizarre Love

From the back:

The Mysterious East’s Most Intoxicating and Delectable Tales of Desire!

A Complicated Marriage — in which a young man finds himself unexpectedly in the wrong bed

The Counterfeit Old Woman — in which an over-amorous rake, disguised in female garb, retires to quarters reserved for women alone.

Eastern Shame Girl — in which a foolish lover squanders the love of a dancing girl — and what transpires.

The Temple Of The Esteemed Lotus — How the women who came to the temple to pray for a child were rewarded in an unexpected manner.

This artist has apparently never seen any actual Chinese people before.



The Real Cool Killers


Those two detectives, Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed, are back — up to their guns in mayhem and murder


South Pacific Affair


From the back:

They had a South Sea honeymoon — the simple island girl and the strange American. It was the life Ray had remembered, longed for, and finally come back to.
But slowly, the past broke into their paradise. First came Dubon, with his scheme for a tourist love-nest. Then irresistible Heru, whose copper skin and taste for money spelled trouble. Finally Barry Kent, the man who had taken a woman away from Ray before . . .