My Little Gypsy Cheat-Heart

Cover of Dime Detective,  August 1951 thumbnail
Dime Detective Aug 1951 thumbnail
Dime Detective,  August 1951 thumbnail
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Cover of Dime Detective,  August 1951
Dime Detective Aug 1951
Dime Detective,  August 1951

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Gypsy Sixpence

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Villainy and vengeance… and love forbidden by the Lancers’ code!

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Paprika — The Gypsy Trollop!

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She Consorted With Peasants — And Married A Prince

“Hungarian gypsies, gay, irresponsible, thieving, dancing, sensuous, and sadistic, move from camp to camp under the brutal leadership of Gabor Zoltan. But hanging over this giant’s head is an ancient threat. And against him is the real queen of the tribe and her half-white daughter, the passionate Paprika. …One tragedy follows swift on the heels of another. Every moment is dramatic, and the temperature and tempo are such that the readers will require ice packs and other consoling and cooling agents before the grand climax sweeps them through unsanguined fields to the ultimate.” — Los Angeles Times review, March 17, 1935


One Man Show

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The Spell In The Gypsy’s Eyes Fired Him To Uncover Her Secret

Since the book is called One Man Show, can we assume that her secret is that she is, in fact, a man?

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