Dr. Borg’s School For Frigid Wives

South Sea Magazine January 1964

Also, Torture Techniques Of The Ranch Raiders, Harem Stealing Yank In Arabia, and The Vampire Bats Of The Carolina Islands


The Gay Girls Who Tripped Hitler’s Ace Spy Master

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Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21 thumbnail
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25 thumbnail
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Sir August 1961
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 011
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 020-21
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 024-25
Sir v17 n10 [1961-08] 036-37

Also, Virgin Auction In Old Colorado, I Saw Paris “When”, and The Amazing Loot Of Lima Hoax

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The Island Of Violent Virgins

South Sea Magazine October 1960

Also, The Island Where Sex Is Compulsory, Human Studs In Arabia, I Rescued Brigitte From Harem Torture, My Gem Jackpot In Honduras, and I Saw The Forbidden Somali Sex Dance


Mattern’s 50 Days As An Amazon Love Slave

Sir! November 1959

Also, Bikini’s Are Back!


South Sea Playmate

South Sea Stories January 1963 thumbnail
South Sea Magazine January 1963 thumbnail
South Sea Stories January 1963
South Sea Magazine January 1963

Featuring Death Diamonds Of Guajira, Sex Afloat: The Willing Women American Men Are Passing Up, Sergeant Farley’s Moment Of Terror, I Fought With The Sadists on the Cliff of Death, and Flashlight on a Nude

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The City Of Lust Of Red China’s Butcher General

Man's Exploits Magazine february 1963 thumbnail
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Man's Exploits Magazine february 1963

Also featuring Million $$ Orgy Of The Texas Cattle Queens!, A Touch Of Venus, Aphrodisiac Scandal of the Sex-Mad Interns and the 63 Passionate Student Nurses, and Inside Madame Diamant’s Diamond-Studded Brothel

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The Isle Of Lonely Women

Escape to Adventure July 1957

Apparently they are lonely by choice, and don’t take kindly to visitors.


We Battled The Bawdy Bandit Women Of Bali

Man's Exploits March 1964

Why on Earth wouldn’t you have gone with Bawdy Bandit Babes Of Bali?
Also featuring Is Your Wife A Secret Lesbian?


Sex In The Caribbean = Voodoo!

Sir February 1954

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