One Step More

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Midwood F261 1963
Midwood F261  1963

Step by step he bought her closer to being a complete woman, until there was only — One Step More

From the back:

Can a man’s love free a Lesbian from the desire she has for the flesh of other women? 

This is the story of the strangest pact ever made between a man and a woman. She was a confirmed Lesbian and he knew it; nevertheless they agreed to have him do everything within his power to change her, to prove to her that a man could give her everything a woman could — and more. How he faced this ultimate challenge to his masculinity, and how she reacted, is a fascinating story.

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The Faster We Live

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Monarch 239 1962
Monarch Books #239 - 1962

She gave herself to the right man — at the wrong time

From the back:

There was $200,000 in the bank and they wanted it —these four amateur bandits who were out to use the crowds at the Indianapolis Speedway as their cover –before and after the robbery.
MYLES THORBECK wanted his share of the loot for easy living. His brother, HOWIE, wanted to buy the respect of his nymphomaniac wife, FAYE. FLOYD WARREN needed to be a big shot.
And RYAN KENDALL was just along for the ride — until his intimate emotional involvement with beautiful and eager VICKI TAYLOR precipitated a conflict of interests between them all that threatened to blow sky-high an otherwise perfect crime.

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Hell Cat (1959)

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No Sin Too Awful, No Vice Too Cruel…
Night Life As It Really Is — Stripped Of Glamor, Sodden With Sex, Feeding On Naked Desire…

From the back:

Maybe Iris Roland was a good enough kid when she started out. But she was too long in the leg and too tempting in the hip not to attract lust-ridden Harry Gertz and his sadistic sidekick, Vittorio. Installed as hat check girl in one of their supper clubs, she learned from them all about the cruelty and abuse that human flesh is heir to—especially womanflesh So no longer was. Iris good. In fact, she was all bad, as Harry’s successors found out. Having acquired her carnal knowledge the hard way, she could not resist putting it to use—even when this meant lending her body to the pleasures of another girl, the lovely but dissolute Grace Hastings.
Iris thrilled to the mad and moneyed whirl of strange loves, strange lovers. But by this time she had becomes far too wild and twisted. Now she directed her vicious cruelties not only at others, but even at herself .

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Passionate Tigress (1963)

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LANCER #72-673 - 1963

Her shameless need for love, her primitive lust for revenge promised a doomed ecstasy for her men

From the back:

Belle: a beautiful young girl with dangerous desires. Wild urges raged unchecked in the enticing body of this untamed, man-crazy temptress. She could find no release from the torture of her tingling, fleshly lust. Not until she met the only man who knew just how to quench the fire of her tormented yearnings.

The 1959 edition is here

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